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Van's Stance


Stalemate is Not Good Public Policy

I have proven that I can say yes to good ideas, no to bad ideas, and work collaboratively to conceive and implement prudent solutions. Too often in Madison, stalemate is the answer to every question. We must cease the bickering and gamesmanship, communicate, return to our roots, and move forward together.


Education for a Changing World

We have a proud tradition of educational excellence in Wisconsin – that is what attracted me to UW-Madison, where as a young man I earned a Ph.D. I have the experience, ability, and desire to help Wisconsin as it continues to adapt, adjust, and improve our educational systems to meet the needs of the next generation.


Public Safety

Government’s most basic task is to protect the innocent, keep the peace, and aid its citizens in times of crisis.  As a local official, I have always been a strong supporter of our police and fire services and the men and women who provide those services. We must clarify and strengthen laws, train more police and fire personnel, ensure that both safety services and courts have adequate resources, and hold all of them accountable. As your Senator, I will keep public safety a top priority.


Conservation is Key

Wisconsin is one of the most beautiful places in the entire world.  I have always cherished that beauty, as well as hunting, fishing, and outdoor activities. As your Senator, I will work to keep Wisconsin beautiful.


The Economy

I am an economics and history professor. I know that hard work, thrift, and wise investment on the part of individuals, businesses, and government are the keys to prosperity.  In Madison, I will insist government supports those values. Working families are having trouble keeping pace with inflation, and government must provide an environment that makes workers and businesses want to remain in and move to Wisconsin. We can and will make the economy work for everyone.


Tackling Tough Choices

When the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, Wisconsin reverted to a century-old law that is inappropriate for our current times. I am committed to working with both pro-life and pro-choice people of good will to craft a new law that represents a judicious compromise.

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